Cut your grocery bills by 16% or more

Strategies to stick with a food budget



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A typical family spends just under $7,300 per year on groceries. Thankfully, there are some smart, strategic ways to cut those costs.

As seen in the Parent’s video, start with a list. This allows you to skip the aisles that don’t carry items you need and helps cut down on impulse buying; this simple act can cut as much as 16% from your grocery bills. Also, consider buying sale meat or fish, just be sure to cook or freeze it within a day or two of the “best before” date. You may also want to stock up on staples when they go on sale; for instance, baking goods are often quite a bit cheaper around the holidays, yet last for months on your shelf.

For more tips, watch the video or check out our “Spend Less, Eat Better” story. 

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One comment on “Cut your grocery bills by 16% or more

  1. Thanks for the tips. Just want to say that the graphics on the video is too fast – the texts are on different locations with several colours and font sizes, so it takes time to adjust before one can read it. Please consider unifying the texts or double the time it appears. Thanks.

    I kept hearing that sale cycle starts on Wednesday, but none of the stores in Ontario starts before Thursday. It is probably because your sources are all Americans. I’d say that the typical cycle starts Fridays in Canada.


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