Building a low-risk portfolio for less

How to build a tax-efficient and relatively safe investment portfolio.



From the November 2012 issue of the magazine.


Victoria resident Trish Shwart, who is 60, recently moved her savings out of “a large, expensive investment firm” to an online brokerage. She wants to build a low-cost portfolio of about two-thirds fixed income and one-third equities, including real estate investment trusts (REITs). For tax- efficiency, she should hold the equities in her taxable account and the bonds and REITs in registered accounts.
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2 comments on “Building a low-risk portfolio for less

  1. What is missing here is taxes.

    Since taxes (income, capitial gains, and dividends) may range from 20% to 45% of total returns how about reviewing ways of cutting the tax bill by half.

    One story is of course annuities.


  2. Questioning exposure to financial sector…appears to be around 30%….2008 -2009 ?????


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