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3 comments on “Find the advisor who’s right for you

  1. Bonjour,

    I am a long-time subscriber to your magazine. When I entered my postal code into your search tool for a financial advisor the message “Page not found” appeared. My postal code is J8P 7X2. Could you please provide me with matches for Gatineau?


    p.s. In general, there isn’t a whole lot of focus in your magazine about Quebec. How many subscribers do you have here?


    • Hi Carole, while we can’t say here exactly how many subscribers we have in Quebec, we can say our Quebecois readers are very important to us. As for the search tool, here‘s a list of advice-only professionals who can provide you advice via phone, email and in some cases, video conference.


      • And here are two advisors who can help you purchase investments because they are licensed in your province.


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