Meet a MoneySense Approved Financial Advisor: Julia Chung

Meet an Approved Advisor: Julia Chung

She’s from Surrey, B.C. and specializes in estate planning




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Name: Julia Chung

City: Surrey, B.C.

Title: CFP at JYC Financial

Specialty: Estate & succession planning

Q: What’s your biggest indulgence and how much do you spend on it?

A: “My favourite indulgence is shoes. I really, really like shoes and spend up to $1,000 a year on them. I make wish-lists for the shoes I want and when I reach an important financial goal, I’ll buy a pair. Plus, if I find any room in my “free spending” account, I’ll splurge. I have plans to buy a pair of must-have Louboutins when I reach some significant business goals.”

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