Release an early inheritance

Waiting until you’ve passed on is not mandatory.



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Passing your assets on to your heirs doesn’t have to wait until you’ve passed away. Why not give your kids part of their inheritance while you’re still around?

A bit of cash when your kids are in their 30s could save them a fortune in mortgage interest—and you’ll enjoy being able to see the difference the money makes.

One comment on “Release an early inheritance

  1. The best gift my mother gave me was teaching me how to deal with money. I was the youngest person at Sterling Trust with a RRSP. I worked part time and put money down each year in a RHOSP, when they were around. I paid my way thru college. When engaged, my fiance and I put money aside each month for a house fund. We had a small (13 people) city hall wedding so we could buy a house. We put down extra money each year on our mortgage anniversary date and paid off our first house in 5 years. We did the same with our second. When we had our 2 children, my mother never bought them presents- they never noticed. She bought them books, which she sat down to cuddle and read to them and then with them as they aged. She set each of them up with a trust fund with her broker so now that they are 17 and 15 they have enough money to pay for their post secondary educations. RIP MOM. Thanks for teaching me so well!


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