Save money by driving safely

The snow is just around the corner and if you don’t own a pair of winter tires, you might ask yourself “why not?”



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If the answer is a whiny, “they’re so expensive” give your head a shake. Winter tires are nowhere near as expensive as an accident.

First, a little lesson on why you need winter tires for those of you who believe all-seasons are just as good. Winter tires have deeper tread grooves and tread patterns that are better at coping with slush, snow and ice. Winter tires are also made of a different compound so they remain softer and more flexible in the cold weather. All-seasons should really be called three-season tires because they just don’t cut it in when Father Frost poops on our roads!

As with everything else, shopping around can land you a better deal. Try a warehouse store, compare prices online, and look over the border. Shipping might be worth it. Also take advantage of shopping rebates from manufactures. And don’t leave it until the snow actually falls; then you’re at the mercy of tire-sellers because demand will be limiting supply and you’ll be the dope who pays too much.

If you’re a guy, tires may be second nature to you. If you’re a girly-girl like me, you probably don’t know squat. Check out and start there.

Most experts recommend purchasing separate rims for your snow tires to eliminate the $15-$25 per wheel charge you’ll pay if you don’t and your tires have to be switched every season. And get those puppies on your car once the temp is sitting at about 10 degrees or less.

For heaven’s sake, don’t cheap out and buy just two tires. That can cause your car to spin unexpectedly because of the greater traction on the two winter tires. And don’t assume your AWD will protect you. You still need winter tires.

Once you’ve got them, maintain them. Keep your tires properly inflated so you get the best wear and when you take them off store them in plastic bags stacked horizontally. If you stand ‘em up, you’ll get flat spots.

3 comments on “Save money by driving safely

  1. also try – although american they ship to Canada.


  2. Definitely get replacement steel rims for your winter tires. 3 reasons:
    1) steel is tougher than aluminum alloys, so they can stand winter impacts more without getting damaged.
    2) your alloys will corrode if you drive them in winter (costs more in the long run)
    3) avoid damage to your alloy rims by avoiding change-overs


  3. You will need to buy four snow tires for your vehicle. There is a belief that only two are required but this is not true. For the safest drive all four wheels need to be exchanged.


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