How to kickstart a Canadian auto recall

No Canadian auto recall on your car that you know has been recalled in the U.S.? Here’s how to register your complaint.

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From the April 2014 issue of the magazine.

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Q: “My 2011 BMW rolled down my driveway and crashed into my garage door, even though it was set in park and had the parking brake on. There are recalls for this problem in the U.S. but my dealer won’t do anything. What can I do?”

—M. Zacchia, Montreal

A: If there’s been no recall in Canada, the dealer is unlikely to be able to perform more than a basic inspection without the assistance of the automaker. Instead, contact Transport Canada, the arm of the federal government that sets vehicle safety standards and investigates reports of safety defects. Transport Canada has a complaints service in Ottawa that works with university engineering departments to investigate safety complaints. The number to report an incident to Transport Canada is 1-800-333-0510. You can also get some publicity for your complaint by registering it on the website of the American Center for Auto Safety or reporting the incident to the Automobile Protection Association.

George Iny is the president of the Automobile Protection Association. Send him your automotive questions at

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  1. Buy US spec vehicles the Canadian dealers have to do the recalls if it registered. Check which makers allow you to transfer the warranty if applicable.


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