Canada’s 10 biggest charities


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  1. To any charity organizations out there that wish to make monetary donations to our non-profit organization called "Angel Tree Project". My wife and I are co-founders that helps children of Taos County New Mexico which includes Native children in purchasing christmas gifts to the less fourtnate children in this community. My wife and I have held baked sales, raffles and bingos to raise funds but it has become hard because of the economy in our community for people to donate. This past in 2011 we distributed 300 gifts to the needy. We ask for help if anyone will donate to our organization. My e-mail is jolujan505@ I work as a district court bailiff and Iam Native American from Taos Pueblo, N.M. My wife is a supervisor for the E-911 center for the Taos City Police Dept.


  2. I'm trying ti find Canada's 10 largest charities, but see only 1. World Vision. Where are the other p covered?


    • The 2013 edition of the Charity 100 has been temporarily moved offline as we revise grades for some of the participating charities. We are working to update the data and hope to publish the revised grades in the next few days, both online and in the iPad edition.


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