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Cut your grocery bills by 16% or more

Strategies to stick with a food budget


A typical family spends just under $7,300 per year on groceries. Thankfully, there are some smart, strategic ways to cut those costs.

As seen in the Parent’s video, start with a list. This allows you to skip the aisles that don’t carry items you need and helps cut down on impulse buying; this simple act can cut as much as 16% from your grocery bills. Also, consider buying sale meat or fish, just be sure to cook or freeze it within a day or two of the “best before” date. You may also want to stock up on staples when they go on sale; for instance, baking goods are often quite a bit cheaper around the holidays, yet last for months on your shelf.

For more tips, watch the video or check out our “Spend Less, Eat Better” story. 

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