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Open Your Mouth

Bruce Sellery says don’t be shy, talk about your money.


What’s the most taboo topic of conversation you can to have at the dinner table? Most would probably say sex, but we think it’s money. Think about it. How often do you have a deep conversation about your money with your friends and family. Most are happy to seek out or give relationship advice, but try offering your thoughts on money: what to do with it, how to save it, etc. The topic is off limits for most people.

Yet it’s an important conversation to have. Talking about money can help you learn from others and help you achieve your financial goals. It’s even more important to raise the topic if you’re in a relationship, but the subject is often ignored—at least until there’s a problem.

So if this sounds like you or someone you know Bruce Sellery has this advice in his latest video: open your mouth and start talking about money. You’ll be glad you did.