Read MoneySense Magazine on your favourite device

Read MoneySense Magazine on your favourite device

Read MoneySense magazine on your favourite device.


To get the MoneySense Extra! Ultimate Guide to Dividend Investing or any other MoneySense digital edition, download the MoneySense App. Instructions are below.

  • App Store


    iPad, iPad Mini & iPhone

    Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

  • iPad®/iPhone®:


    • In-line video
    • Links to live letters feed and author blogs
    • Fully integrated with social networking: Facebook, Twitter and email sharing
    • Issue at a glance provides the ability to see the entire issue page-by-page and jump directly to your departments
    • option to save favourite content
    • options to buy back issues and special issues as they become available

    App Store


  • Google-Badge


    Google Chrome

    Android phone

    Android 7-inch tablet

    Android 10-inch tablet

  • Android™


    • Seamless syncing and easy access to magazines across all your Android devices
    • Entire library is always with you, even when you are offline.
    • Vibrant full-color display on your Android tablet or phone
    • Flip to text mode and enjoy a custom reading experience perfect for your phone’s screen

    Google Play


  • win8-badge

    Supported processors:

  • Windows™ 8


    • Magnifying articles for a better read
    • Easy sharing of favourite articles via email, Facebook or Twitter
    • Panning and zooming of pages, articles and photos
    • Tools like bookmarks, advanced search, article ranking and back issue access
    • Easy to use format that you can consume online and offline



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    Kobo arc,
    Kobo arc7,
    Kobo arc7 HD,
    Kobo arc 10 HD

  • Kobo™


    • Read Anytime, Anywhere with Free Kobo eReading Apps
    • Automatically syncs your library across all your devices.
    • Share your Reading Life™ with friends by adding Kobo to your Facebook Timeline, and interact with millions of other Kobo readers through Kobo Pulse™.
    • Customize your reading experience
    • Share with friends on Facebook and Twitter.



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