Don’t call him a robo-adviser

Each client gets an adviser made of flesh and blood

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From the Summer 2014 issue of the magazine.

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Another ETF-based portfolio service is launching in Canada, pending regulatory approval. Wealth Simple charges a 0.5% annual fee for a “light-advice” model, with the fee tapering down at higher levels of wealth. Accounts start at $5,000, with founder Michael Katchen overseeing the building and rebalancing of ETF portfolios from several fund companies. Some call this a “robo-adviser” service, but Katchen says each client gets an adviser made of flesh and blood.

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  1. Your site is circular. After I logged in and selected mutual funds, it opened a completely different window. This was sort of a surprise but not as much as when I clicked on best mutual funds icon. This one appeared to take me to the correct place but then another window blocked the content and asked me to select the type of account I had. I selected for full content but it went to some other area which showed more icons and not the mutual funds info that it had blocked. I suppose If it was a game it could be fun!!



    • The login service needs work. I gently nudged then in Feb. and still have yet to see a login prompt when told what kind of “pay gate” a certain article has. Still holding breath for fix.


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