Editorial Code of Conduct

On December 1st, 2018 MoneySense was acquired by Ratehub Inc from Rogers Media Group. The contributors who wrote for MoneySense before the transition are still writing for us today, so the quality of our content has remained the same, and our goal is to keep it that way.

MoneySense has an Executive Editor that is responsible for following the Editorial Code of Conduct that was established to ensure the content we produce remains independent,  unbiased, and enables us to fulfill our purpose. Here are the details:

  1. The MoneySense brand will remain a distinct brand, separate from any other Ratehub Inc. brands
  2. MoneySense’s purpose is to help Canadians make sense of their money
  3. MoneySense’s content is written and edited independently and without influence (unless clearly marked as ‘sponsored’). The reporting lines of the Editorial and Commercial teams shall remain separate to ensure editorial independence.
  4. MoneySense’s Executive Editor shall control all editorial decisions.
  5. MoneySense’s Executive Editor shall determine any content on the website and in any email, except for ads or when the content is clearly marked as ‘sponsored’.
  6. MoneySense’s Executive Editor (and authorized spokespersons) may comment freely on all issues related to the website, even if those opinions and views may differ from those of Ratehub Inc or its affiliate sites.
  7. MoneySense’s Executive Editor (and authorized spokespersons) may comment freely on the products and services available through Ratehub Inc and it’s affiliate sites.
  8. MoneySense’s content will be researched and referenced and finally approved by the Editorial Team according to journalistic standards to ensure it is written in an objective manner.
  9. MoneySense’s Editorial Team may comment freely on any products and services made available on Ratehub Inc or its affiliate sites.
  10. MoneySense will publish details on how it monetizes from its partners. For more details click here.
  11. Content published directly on the MoneySense.ca website will remain free for all Canadians to access.
  12. If MoneySense sends a user to any website owned by Rathub Inc, including Ratehub.ca, or if the user goes there directly, then the user will be subject to that website’s privacy policy and data protection policy.
  13. Any personal data about users that are gathered by MoneySense will not be sold to third parties or used for unsolicited communications.