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Advertising Disclosure

MoneySense is an award-winning magazine, helping Canadians navigate money matters since 1999. Our editorial team of trained journalists works closely with leading personal finance experts in Canada. To help you find the best financial products, we compare the offerings from over 12 major institutions, including banks, credit unions and card issuers.

MoneySense helps Canadians learn about personal finance and make informed decisions about money. To do this, we strive to provide high-quality content that is free to access—no paywall or subscription fees.

How does MoneySense make money?

To pay for content creation, marketing and operational expenses, MoneySense generates revenue through advertising, sponsorships and lead generation.

Do advertisers influence MoneySense’s content?

MoneySense publishes two types of content: editorial and paid. Advertisers influence certain types of paid content.

Editorial content

Advertisers and partners have no influence on the creation of MoneySense’s editorial content.

MoneySense may, however, add monetized links when the content is published. If a link has an asterisk (*) attached to it, that means it’s a monetized link and can sometimes result in a payment to MoneySense, which helps us keep our website free for our users. Our editorial decisions for articles, including product rankings, are never impacted by these links. MoneySense considers all available products in the market, including those from companies that have no commercial relationship with us or our parent company, Ratehub Inc. The inclusion of a product in a ranking and its placement in a ranking are never driven by compensation.

MoneySense may also add paid branding to editorial content after it has been published. This is a “presented by” partnership (more details below) through which a partner provides financial support to keep our content free. We add the partner’s name, logo and link to the top of the article, but the partner has no influence on the content itself.

Product rankings

Product rankings are editorial content and will always be unbiased and written independently. Advertisers and partners cannot pay to influence or add their branding to any content that ranks or compares competing products (for example, credit card rankings).

You can read more about our Editorial Code of Conduct.

Content partnerships

Paid content on MoneySense is clearly labelled, according to the definitions below. If an advertising partner is involved in the content, you will see its name and logo at the top of the article.