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20 comments on “Ask MoneySense your personal finance questions

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  18. I am puzzled in the Nov issue as I was interested in purchasing a solid long terrm stock or stocks to see in the list taking only two as an example from many similar.
    Husky energy A. 5year -19.8% Baytex Energy D.5year 184.2%.
    I simply do not understand how your rating system works.
    Many similar discrepancies are outlined in the 100 best income stocks listed?
    An explanation would be appreciated.


    • Hi Ian,

      It's important to understand that Norm's stock picks are based on their outlook going forward. Often stocks that are trading at their lows are a good buy if they are likely to appreciate in the future. He is not saying that these stocks would have been a good buy if you bought them five years ago—he says they are good prospects to buy now. He also factors in how much dividends you receive, how stable those dividends have been, etc. Hope this helps.



  19. I am 69 years old. Retired. I have money in RRSP. Is the interest on the money taxable? If I just take the interest off the money made from the RRSP do i have to pay tax on it ? It is not in a tax free RRSP.


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