April 19 roundup - MoneySense

April 19 roundup

On the face of Canadian debt, the rise of bidding wars and frugal retirement honeymoons.




•Canada’s average debtor is not who you think. Check out this infographic showing how much they owe and just how young, educated and financially savvy they are.

•Would you willingly enter into a bidding war for a home? A new survey has found 25% of us would. Respondents in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan were the most likely to agree to pay above asking price wheras those in Quebec and Atlantic Canada were the least likely to participate in a bidding war.

•Planning your retirement honeymoon? Many dream of crisscrossing the globe in their Golden Years but don’t realize there are frugal ways to do it (when you have the luxury of time). Travelling in shoulder seasons for instance can reduce costs and more retirees are opting to combine part-time work, like tutoring, with travel.

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