April 23 roundup - MoneySense

April 23 roundup

On what will pop Canada’s housing bubble, unrealistic home prices in the U.S. and 10 fees that are worth every penny.




•Under-the-radar changes may soon deflate (or pop) the housing bubble, according to mortgage expert Ben Rabidoux. In a piece for Maclean’s, Rabidoux says the CMHC is about to drastically draw down on mortgage insurance and home equity lines of credit will also be reined in.

•While bidding wars become more common in Canada, cities south of the border are experiencing the opposite problem. Check out the list of U.S. cities with the least realistic home prices. Case in point: Atlanta, where the median list price is $150,000 but the median sales price is just $90,600 for a difference of 40%.

•Here are a list of 10 fees that are worth your money, according to the folks at Boomer and Echo.

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