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Thank you for purchasing your subscription to MoneySense. Follow the instructions below to ACTIVATE your All Access subscription on the following devices:

  • App Store


    iPad, iPad Mini & iPhone

    Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

  • iPad®/iPhone®:

    1. Download the MoneySense App from the App Store.
    2. Select “Sign In” From your toolbar.
    3. Select “Create an Account” from the available options.
    4. Enter your Subscription Information to Create Account.

    App Store


  • Google-Badge

    Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0–4.0.4),
    Jelly Bean (4.1–4.3),
    KitKat (4.4)

  • Android™

    1. Download the MoneySense Magazine App through the Google Play Store™
    2. Select “Sign In” from your list of options.
    3. Select “Create an Account.”
    4. Enter your Subscription Information to Create Account.

    Google Play


  • Windows8Tablet_272x172


    Windows 8 Device

    Supported processors:

    x86, x64, ARM

  • Windows™ 8

    1. Download the MoneySense App from Windows Store
    2. Open the app and either swipe from the right or place cursor in bottom right corner to access the Menu bar and select ’Settings’
    3. Select “Sign In” from the available options
    4. First time users click on “Create an Account”
    5. Enter your e-mail address, a password and your Subscription Account # to create digital access account
    6. If you have an existing Digital access on another device/tablet please sign in user the same email and password



  • cbu-KOBO-image

    Kobo arc,
    Kobo arc7,
    Kobo arc7 HD,
    Kobo arc 10 HD

  • Kobo™

    1. Visit
    2. Sign in to your Kobo Account or create a new account for free
    3. Select your magazine within the eMagazines section
    4. At the bottom of the magazine page, enter your Subscription Account # in the “Already a Magazine Subscriber” section.
    5. Upon successful verification of your subscription, your magazine will be added to your Kobo eReading App library to view on select Kobo Tablets.



  • PFM_Computer

    Access to unlimited articles on

    1. Read all of the All Access articles you like that are identified by this symbol:

    2. When you reach the maximum number of All access articles you can read in a month for free, you will be asked to sign up or add your account number to your profile.
    3. Create or update your profile and enter your Subscriber Account # here.
    4. Enjoy reading unlimited articles on

How to find your account #:

  • Print Subscribers – If you have received your printed copy of MoneySense, you can find your account number on the label: CC_plus_acct_labelYou can also find you account number online through Customer Care.
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21 comments on “Read MoneySense Magazine on your favourite device

  1. Where has the sign in been moved for All Access? And where do I find My Profile?


  2. I downloaded the Kobo eReader app and tried to add MoneySense to my device. It will not take the subscription number. Who do I email for help?


  3. I have tried this so called all access several times and don’t even get a confirmation email. I have a subscription! This is ridiculous.


  4. Lately every time I open email from money sense or Pat McKeyhole I am getting solicited for more subscriptions. I initially bought Money Sense because it was easy to read and understand without a ton of bs. Now I feel like I am in a Readers a Digest marketing scheme.


  5. The Kobo app is terrible. I’m having the same problem. I tried to add my subscription #, it said it’s successful, but the magazine is still not listed in My Subscriptions or My Library.


    • Hi, sorry to hear the Kobo app is giving you trouble. Please email for help with your subscription.


  6. I have spent hours trying to access my account on my Windows 10 computer unsuccessfully. Why is it so easy on my Android phone and so difficult on the computer? I am not able to even download the so-called App on my computer. Windows store does not recognize me and won’t let me download the app. I supposedly have a “microsoft account” though don’t know under which email i registered or what the password is. Why do I even need a microsoft account anyway? This is bullshit.


  7. I have a two years subscription. For nearly a year now I was not able to get the digital edition. First, although I was registered, I always got the error message user unknown. I contacted customer support several times. It took them 3 emails and half a year to reply. I was now advised to newly register which I did today. However, I now see that I MUST use either iphone or android app (I do not have a smartphone!). OR Windows 8 – I have windows 7 and will not change to windows 8 or 10 now. I have a Kindle – but this is not offered any more. This is ridiculous. I have had a subscription for many years and I like to have a digital version to read on my computer. All other magazines easily offer access. Why not MoneySense! I certainly will not renew my subscription if I am unable to read it offline without being forced to buy a smartphone or upgrade to Windows 8 or 10.


  8. I loaded the Money Sense app on my android tablet and created and account which required an 8 character password. Now I want to sign in to the website but it won’t accept my password and I notice that it requires a 7 character password. Why the need for two accounts/passwords. I have a print subscription. I would expect that one account/password would suffice!


    • Hi Heather, unfortunately you do have to create a separate account to access the website. Sorry for the convenience! Once you create the account on, make sure to check off the “Remember me” option to avoid having to log in and input your password every time you visit the site. I hope that helps!


  9. How do I remove/delete a downloaded issue from my tablet? I cannot find where they are stored and there are no “remove” buttons on the app.


  10. how do I get the magazine


  11. how do I get to read the magazine I paid for … ?


    • Hey there. Are you asking about the actual physical magazine or to read articles online? Let me know so I can help! Thanks.


  12. I just bought a digital subscription and only now realized that i can’t read it on my Macbook air. This is very frustrating…i do not see why you can’t even offer a pdf version of the magazine, or an easy way to find it online. Very frustrating and i have wasted a lot of time trying to find a workaround.


    • Hi Irene, do you have an iPhone or iPad? Your digital subscription will work there as well. Also, your subscription number can be added to your online account, giving you unlimited access to exclusive subscriber-only content on Let me know if you need additional details. If you’re still having issues, email for further assistance. Thanks


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