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  • {{item.lN}}, {{item.lP}}
    More about {{item.lN}}
    Population: {{convertNum(item.p)}}
    Economic Factors
    Economic region unemployment rate1 {{convertPercent(item.uE, 1)}}
    Average Household Income {{convertDollars(item.anw)}}
    Average Value of Primary Real Estate {{convertDollars(item.arv)}}
    Average rent for a two-bedroom apartment2 {{convertDollars(item.avr)}}
    Property Tax Rate as % of average income {{convertPercent(item.tPp, 2)}}
    Average annual property tax bill {{convertDollars(item.tP)}}
    Mobility Factors
    Population that walks to work: {{convertPercent(item.eW, 2)}}
    Population that bikes to work: {{convertPercent(item.eB, 2)}}
    Population that takes transit to work: {{convertPercent(item.eT, 2)}}
    Weather Factors
    Days per year with rain or snow: {{convertNum(item.wP)}}
    Days per year above 0ºC {{convertNum(item.wT)}}
    Days per year above 20ºC {{convertNum(item.wU)}}
    Health, Safety and Community Factors
    Doctors' offices: {{item.hD}}
    Crime rate per 100,000 population3 {{convertNum(item.x1K)}}
    Population employed in arts and recreation {{convertPercent(item.aE, 1)}}
    1As of March 2018
    2NOTE: Estimates used where data not available
    3In area covered by local police service

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