June 11 roundup - MoneySense

June 11 roundup

On tax freedom day, tips for recent university grads and talk of Toronto’s condo market bubble deflating.


•Happy tax freedom day! It’s the day Canadians have finally earned enough money to pay all the taxes they owe to all levels of government for the year, according to the  Fraser Institute. This year, the day arrived one full day later than last year. In 2012, the average Canadian family (with two or more individuals) will earn $94,259 and pay a total of $41,627 in taxes, for a total tax bill amounting to 44.2% of income.

•It’s graduation season and our friends over at Boomer & Echo have some great money advice for recent college grads.

•Toronto could see its condo market bubble deflate in the coming months. Experts outlined market risks at a recent panel discussion.