Save money on groceries with Checkout 51

Save money on groceries with Checkout 51

Tips on how to make the most of the cash-back app.



Every now and then an app comes across my desk that’s just fabulous for saving money. If you haven’t yet seen Checkout 51 it’s time to head on over their website, sign up and start saving money. We’re not talking 25¢ here and 50¢ there; nope, we’re talking big money. Would you put yourself out to get $2 cash back on bacon, regardless of which store you bought it in? How about $1.50 of ice cream?

The premise is simple. You sign up for the free app for your phone. Then every week you’ll receive new offers that qualify for savings. You can buy those products at any store you choose. Snap a picture of your photo receipt, send it in and you’ll get cash back. Easy peasy.

You do have to be careful about how you take your picture. Your cash-back claim may be rejected if your receipt is unreadable. So take your time, make sure the picture you take is clear and take multiples if you must to get it all in. Then submit your claim and save.

Only one of each offer is eligible so this isn’t an opportunity to stock up. But you can send in more than one product on a single receipt, or multiple receipts from different stores. And you have to buy exactly the product listed. If you screw up on size or flavour you’ll be out in the cold.

Since you can use the Checkout 51 cash back along with any other coupons there’s the opportunity to double up savings. This is pretty standard south of the border, but most coupons in Canada prohibit more than one coupon being used at a time so we Canucks aren’t extreme couponers like our American cousins. Finally, Checkout 51 evens the playing field.

Since offers are limited, just because you see something come through on Monday doesn’t mean it’ll still be available on Thursday when you go shopping so make sure you check that the deal is still available. And don’t delay in uploading your receipt or you might be disappointed.

Every time you pile up $20 worth of cash back at Checkout 51, you can cash out. It shouldn’t take too long with the hefty cash back offers on the table. Just remember, all the money you’re getting back should go into your RRSP, emergency fund, TFSA or RESP if you really want to hold on to those “savings.”