What’s your risk tolerance?

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From the December 2014 issue of the magazine.



Australian risk profiling firm FinaMetrica has developed one of the world’s most popular and respected risk measurement systems, and for a limited time, they’re letting MoneySense readers take it for free. Below are some sample questions from the survey. For more on this topic read, “Are your investments at risk?” from the December 2014 issue of MoneySense.

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When you think of the word “risk” in a financial context, which of the following words comes to mind first?

1. Danger.

2. Uncertainty.

3. Opportunity.

4. Thrill.

If you had to choose between more job security with a small pay increase and less job security with a big pay increase, which would you pick?

1. Definitely more job security with a small pay increase.

2. Probably more job security with a small pay increase.

3. Not sure.

4. Probably less job security with a big pay increase.

5. Definitely less job security with a big pay increase.

Investments can go up or down in value and experts often say you should be prepared to weather a downturn. By how much could the total value of all your investments go down before you would begin to feel uncomfortable?

1. Any fall would make me feel uncomfortable.

2. 10%.

3. 20%.

4. 33%.

5. 50%.

6. More than 50%.

5 comments on “What’s your risk tolerance?

  1. Great Risk Tolerance Questionnaire.


  2. couldn’t get in without a password, not free!!!


    • You’ll need to sign in with your name and email address. No payment required. Let us know if you encounter difficulties. The test will be available for only a few more days.


  3. The free risk trial does not appear to be available. Was I too late in trying to take the profile, (2/15). Thanks


    • Yes Darryll, it was a limited time offer which ended in January. Thanks for reading!


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