Stop paying credit card fees

The credit card market is extremely competitive. Use it to your advantage.



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No one should pay a fee to use a credit card when there are better cards out there for free.

For instance, the MBNA Smart Cash Platinum Plus MasterCard includes travel accident insurance, rental car insurance, purchase assurance and extended warranty—and will give you $199.20 in cash back annually if you spent $1,000 a month—all for an annual fee of zero.

If you’re looking for a travel card, the American Express BlueSky card includes travel insurance, car rental insurance, baggage and flight delay insurance, purchase insurance and extended warranty and will earn you $138 worth of air miles annually for spending $1,000 a month.

To help you find a card that’s right for you, check out the MoneySense Credit Card Tool.

2 comments on “Stop paying credit card fees

  1. I'm not sure what fees you're talking about exactly, but if you're talking about annual fees than the Capital One Aspire World MasterCard does have an annual fee of $120. They do give you $100 worth of travel points every year though when you renew so that mitigates most of the annual fee and it is still a fantastic card (I have it in my wallet). Just wanted to clarify that it isn't a no fee card.


  2. I have used the MBNA In the past it's been one of the best cards to use.. It always gave me low interest rates… When it come to lowering your debt load… It is critical to find credit cards with the lowest rate possible…


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