Quiz: Are you a grocery guru?

Paying close enough attention to your bill? Test your knowledge



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How to spend less and eat better

The right times to buy produce

How long your food really lasts

3 comments on “Quiz: Are you a grocery guru?

  1. Some of your questions are not worded correctly. Case in point, how much ” should” a pound of butter cost. In my world it “should” cost the lower of the two prices presented, and being a savvy shopper I will wait until it is on sale at that price before shelling out my money. As well, your measurements are in pounds and should at least be presented in both pounds and in kilos.


  2. I agree with Lisa. Improper wording on the questionnaire, and should be in kg.


  3. The quiz is terribly slow on a tablet. Loading pictures takes forever.
    I could not get past the 2-nd question. And i agree with the previous comment.


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