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Celebs hawking cards

Don’t be lured by famous faces marketing preloaded cards. They often come with hidden fees.


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Credit-card companies have been using celebrities to sell their preloaded debit and credit cards for years. Just watch out for the fees.

  • Usher Raymond IV Debit MasterCard

    The prepaid card’s $25 activation fee had users singing the blues.

  • Kardashian Prepaid MasterCard

    A $59.95 annual fee and $7.95 monthly fee led this card to being pulled.

  • Suze Orman Prepaid MasterCard

    Financial guru flogs $3 monthly fee card as credit alternative.

  • Justin Bieber Prepaid MasterCard

    With multiple fees this card isn’t as smart as the pop star would have you “beliebing.”

    Bieber and SpendSmart launched a video series in mid-April to promote the card: