Portfolio rebalancing tool

Portfolio rebalancing tool

This portfolio rebalancing tool will help you keep your asset mix just right, even as you invest more money.


Download: MoneySense Portfolio Rebalancing Tool


  • Click to download the spreadsheet tool and open the file.
  • In column B (under the heading Asset Class), enter the names of the funds or securities in your portfolio. You can use the Insert function to add new rows or the Delete function to remove them as necessary.
  • In column C (Target Allocation), enter the target allocation you’ve set for each asset class.
  • In column D (Current Allocation), enter the current market value of each of your funds. The spreadsheet will calculate what percentage of your portfolio each fund represents and display this in column E.
  • When you’re ready to rebalance, enter the amount of new money you’re adding in cell D5. (If you plan to rebalance without adding any new money, enter $0.)
  • The spreadsheet will then calculate how much money you need to add or subtract from each fund in order to rebalance the portfolio. These values will appear in column F.
  • If you customize the spreadsheet, be careful not to change the formulas!

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