Canada's best retail rewards credit cards of 2016

Best retail rewards credit cards of 2016

Want free stuff? These cards will help you rack up rewards


Who doesn’t like free stuff? Whether you want to shop a catalogue, score a deal at your favourite store or get a lower price on a car off the lot, there is a retail reward card for you.

The best retail rewards credit card

Scotiabank GM Infinite Visa

infinite GM best retail rewards credit cards

retail rewards credit cards

Annual rewards*: $701

Passing lane

Want to help your son or daughter buy their first set of wheels? This card allows you to transfer rewards to family members living under the same roof

Turbocharge rewards

Have your eye on a shiny new red Camaro? This card earns 5% back on the first $10,000 and 2% on everything after that.

Affordable luxury

This premium card costs just $79 a year. Supplemental cards cost an additional $39 each.

Haggle first, use points later

Negotiating the price of a new car is stressful, but knowing you can get the price lower with your credit card should make it easier

Bank your points

A year’s worth of rewards won’t make much of a dent in the price of a new vehicle, but it will when you save them up. For instance charging $2,000 a month to this card would save $3,500 on a new vehicle after five years


Scotiabank GM Visa

retail rewards credit cards

best retail rewards credit cards

Annual rewards*: $630

Saving up for a car can be tough. But it’s a lot easier with this card. This card is the no-fee version of the Scotia GM Infinite Visa. It works along the same lines, delivering 5% cash back, but only on the first $5,000 charged to the card and 2% on everything after that. After five years you’d have saved up $3,150—enough to make a 20% down payment on a new Chevy Cruze.

Only spend $500/month?

retail rewards credit cards

Most no-fee cards typically deliver rewards equal to 1% of your spending. This card (our retail run- ner-up) promises 5% on the first $5,000 and 2% after that. Put another way, if you spent $500 a month on this card you’d get 4.5% back in GM rewards at year end. That’s a higher rate than what you’d be charged to finance a new vehicle.

*Estimated based on $2,000/month spending over five years after fees

retail rewards credit cards

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