What to do with your cash

Don’t let your money sit idle



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  1. Please tell me, that your coming back on CBC , ‘The Exchange’. Its become nothing more than a series of selling new stocks, or goods and services. I actually get more concrete info on what is going on, economically, from a newsletter done by the German Economic News, (with only in sub-headings).
    One of the best segments you did was when you asked a banking VP, why it was no longer part of banks responsibility to give good debt advice to customers…Now bankers say whatever which translates into very little and no one calls them on anything. .The only other important issues in banking these days, is that all credit /mortgage apps are checked/okayed at Main Branch’s, without any customer contact, at all. Seems approval-by-application is cheaper than by customer interviews and thorough app checking..making banking with banks obsolete….


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