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BestPlacesCompWe’re the first to admit that our annual Canada’s Best Places to Live rankings don’t take the intangibles that make life so sweet–like world’s best ice cream parlour or the scent of the ocean in the morning air–into consideration. But when it comes to setting down roots, we do value things medical care, low crime, good public transportation and, yes, nice weather. Above all, the best places in Canada have to be affordable. That’s why measures like housing prices, employment and wealth are particularly important, and are given the greatest weighting in our ranking. But enough of what we think. It’s time to have your say. Tell us what’s most important to you a city by answering our poll question or leaving a comment below.

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What do you prize most in a city?

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One comment on “Poll: Have your say…

  1. There is only one way to go about it IMO.And that is to create an antiuny scheme and provide ALL the details for people to decide whether they want it or not.This is the 21st Century and we are supposed to be a 1st world country. Yet, we are constantly asked to swallow patently questionable schemes and policies by the govt.$350, per month is a pittance even now, what of it 30 years down the road? Looks like the planning is only limited to ensuring that senior citizens who live to 85 and beyond have the money to pay for their PUB charges?One is hard put to believe that many would live to that age -the stressful pace of life here guaranteed by the govt itself guarantees that 50% and more would never see even 80 years- and of those who do, how many more years beyond that? Very hard to swallow that a significant number would ever approach 90.Instead, the antiuny scheme should provide for the money plus interest be RETURNED to the NOK on an member’s demise before 85.


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