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The government’s latest efforts to cool the housing market, pension news and more.



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  • The CHMC is limiting guarantees it offers banks and other lenders on mortgage-backed securities which could in turn lead banks to raise interest rates on residential mortgages.
  • It’s official. Actuaries are now using updated tables that show we’re living roughly two years longer to calculate pension liabilities, says Towers Watson. So what does this mean for savers and investors? As life expectancy increases, employers will need to cover higher numbers of pensioners for longer periods of time, increasing pension liabilities and requiring larger pension contributions which could affect balance sheets fairly quickly. It also means workers with a defined-contribution plan could have to save more or delay retirement.
  • New time restrictions, fees and baggage requirements….Air Canada’s check-in crackdown needs fixing, writes Peter Nowak for Canadian Business.

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  1. Air Canada needs to crackdown on those crazy people that bring something the size of a trunk and call it their "carry-on". Carry-ons aren't supposed to contain two weeks worth of clothes. It's for stuff you might need *on* the airplane.


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