The easy way to verify property lines

Why make the trek to the land registry office, when a new Canadian website lets you do it from home

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From the December 2014 issue of the magazine.

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(Gregor Schuster/Getty Images)

(Gregor Schuster/Getty Images)

Thinking of building a new fence or home addition? You’ll need an up-to-date survey of your property first to verify where your property lines are. You could make the trek to the land registry office, or, for between $150 to $400, instantly download a survey at the new Canadian website instead. “It’s about convenience,” says Chris Kamarianakis, executive director of the site. “A PDF file of the requested survey is delivered to your email account within seconds of your purchase.”

Right now, one million property surveys, mainly in Toronto, are available. But, notes Kamarianakis, the service will be expanding across Ontario and other major cities. Added value comes from the site’s learning centre, which includes tips on reading surveys, as well as access to surveying services and consultations. For instance, you can commission a surveyor to come out to your home and draw up a new survey for you for about $1,500. Or, if you simply have boundary issue questions, click on the “Talk to a Surveyor” tab and for $150, schedule a half hour of a surveyor’s time over Skype.

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  1. where can I find info on areas in Northern Ontario. such as Sudbury ontario


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