May 30 roundup - MoneySense

May 30 roundup

On locked in mortgages, segregated funds, the evolution of financial planning and 12 reasons to get a will.


•Thinking about locking in your mortgage? You’re not alone. Some 14% of Canada’s 3.8 million fixed rate mortgage holders chose to lock in this past year, according to the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals.

•What are segregated funds? As Boomer and Echo explains, they are a pool of investments in securities such as bonds and stocks, similar to mutual funds, but sold by life insurance companies.

•Canada’s aging population could change the way we look at financial planning, according to Garry Marr’s latest piece in the Financial Post.

•Don’t have a will? Here 12 consequences to consider if you die without one, courtesy of Retire Happy Blog.