Keep your credit card at a different bank

Keep your credit card at a different bank

This tip will prevent banks from deducting money from your account


(Blend Images - Peter Dressel/Getty Images)

(Blend Images – Peter Dressel/Getty Images)

If you occasionally forget to pay your credit card bill on time, you may want to read the fine print on your agreement. It turns out that most banks can actually deduct money from your accounts to cover money you owe on your credit card—without asking first. Typically, this deduction will only cover the minimum payment, which might just be $10. But theoretically, if you’re carrying a large balance of $10,000, all of sudden you could see hundreds of dollars removed from your chequing account without warning. There’s an easy fix for this dilemma, though: Get a credit card through a different bank. If your card is with Scotiabank, they can’t access your savings account at TD. An even better way to avoid this problem is to always pay your bill in full and on time.