Pay-by-selfie is coming soon

Pay-by-selfie is coming soon

BMO will let you make a credit card purchase with your smile


Studio portrait of young woman making selfie on smartphone (JPM/Image Source/Getty images)

(JPM/Image Source/Getty images)

Attention BMO MasterCard holders: You’ll soon be able to pay for online purchases with a flash of your pearly whites or a quick swipe of your thumb. Set to roll out this summer, MasterCard Identity Check is a new smartphone app that swaps alphanumeric passwords for biometric authentication to let you complete credit card transactions using a selfie or fingerprint. So far, BMO is the only bank committed to making MasterCard Identity Check more widely available to the general public, but it’s quite likely more institutions will soon jump on the bandwagon. Biometric authentication is actually much safer than what’s currently being used, says John-Kurt Pliniussen, an eMarketing professor at Queen’s University.“I think the technology is here to stay.”