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Avoid these seller mistakes to ensure your property is sold as quickly as possible.



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While homes in big cities may sell quickly, outside major centres homes can sit on the market for months and months. Sometimes it’s a slow market. Sometimes it’s silly mistakes made by sellers. Whether you are selling in the city or hoping to move your rural property into new hands, don’t make these mistakes:


You may have put a lot of love and a lot of money, into your home, but buyers don’t care. They aren’t comparing the home before you loved it with the one you’re selling now; they’re comparing your home to all the other options on the market. If you start off too high, you’ll stop all the people who might be interested from even looking at what you’ve got.

Limiting showings

Really? You’re trying to sell your home but you’re not making it available when buyers want to see it? While it might be a major pain in the ass being on call for showings at the drop of a text, if you want that puppy gone, you’ll have to make it easy for buyers to see it.

Failing to prepare

Would you want to buy a home that was full of clutter, needed repairs or had a front yard that had run to weeds? The guy who you’re trying to convince doesn’t either. Rumour has it that it takes only about 60 seconds for a prospective buyer to form an opinion about a home. I know that of the four homes I’ve bought, I knew it was “the one” within minutes of walking in the door. Clean out the crap, tidy up the cupboards and the garage, stash your excess stuff in a friend’s basement until the home sells. And make sure the place smells wonderful. (You’ll benefit from that too.)

Becoming offended

A low-ball offer hasn’t been made to offend you, it’s the buyer’s signal that the negotiation is going to be a rollercoaster ride. Buckle up, but keep smiling. Letting your emotions get in the way of a deal is immature. This is a business deal, treat it as such.

Thwarting inspections

If you’re afraid of what an inspection might turn up, rather than get in the way of the inspection process, hire your own inspector to highlight what you need to fix. If you aren’t prepared to replace the 34-year-old furnace or 15-year-old roof, be prepared for the buyer to negotiate the cost of a new one off your sales price.

7 comments on “Sell your home fast

  1. And commission! A low-ball commission rate won't attract as many buying agents as would a shiny 3% to the co-operating brokerage


  2. Good info – but best piece of advice HIRE A PROFESSINAL REALTOR! Do what you do best and hire a professional to do the rest!


  3. Oh you agents…gimme a break! An attractive house, priced properly will sell with the right exposure. Pencil pushing middlemen aren't mandatory.


    • I'm not involved, in any way, in the Real Estate industry, but you are very wrong about what youcall "middlemen". First, trying to sell your house privately means you won't have access to the MLS – huge marketing tool. Also, no salesperson will show your house because there is no profit in it. You will have no realistic idea of the value of your house if it's not on the open market, and subject to bids. Private selling tends to invite verbal offers. What will you do when the written offer is different from the verbal one?


      • Wrong, your house will be on MLS, and you take the final offers to a lawyer, which you have to have a lawyer anyway you sell your house.


        • LOL you people make me laugh. your response is only valid if you manage to get a buyer to actually see your house, want it, be able to pay for it and then actually buy it. what little hole do you live in?


  4. Clean, tidy, smells good, curb appeal, all important, BUT the sort of person agent is just as important. Some are much better & try harder than others. Try to compare number & types of homes different agents have sold. Use the one best suited to your situation.


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