Catching up with Uncle Sam

Canadians’ net worth is catching up to the Americans.



From the December/January 2012 issue of the magazine.


Uncle Sam Graph
Canada has long lived in the shadow of the U.S. Our living standards were lower, our inferiority complex was higher, and we suffered from perpetual brain-drain as our most ambitious citizens sought out opportunities south of the border.

Now the tables are turning. The U.S. economy is weakening, the greenback is falling and the data shows that the mean net worth for Canadian adults—$245,455—is just one whisker away from the $248,395 figure for Americans.

2 comments on “Catching up with Uncle Sam

  1. It would be nice if the article identified how this wealth number is determined. Sometimes net worth includes real estate (primary home) and sometimes not. These numbers look high, especially given all the recent articles about Canadian's personal debt levels. And is this the mean for all persons > 18 years, or a specific age range of adults? A bit more detail in these articles would really help.


    • Hi David

      Thanks for your interest in the story. These numbers show financial assets plus real assets such as real estate minus debts. The figures are for all adults, but the exact age is not defined in Credit Suisse's report.

      yours truly, Sarah


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