How will you spend your Christmas bonus?

Most of us will use it to pay debt—that is, if we even receive a bonus



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(Stuart Dee/Getty Images)

(Stuart Dee/Getty Images)

If you’re lucky enough to count yourselves among the 40% of Canadians expected to receive a year-end bonus in 2014, chances are you won’t be having too much fun with your reward. In these austere times of corporate cutbacks, it seems we’re all too well aware of how careful we need to be with our money. Here are the top responses by Americans when asked how they planned to spend their 2014 Christmas bonus, as reported by online statistics portal Statista.

57%: Pay off debt

13%: Put it into a savings account

9%: Take a vacation

8%: Pay for living expenses

One comment on “How will you spend your Christmas bonus?

  1. What is this ‘Christmas bonus’ you speak of? Never, ever had one in almost 35 years of my working life. Do Employers actually do this? Hubby is a teacher – certainly no bonuses there, and I work in a regulated utility company – no Christmas bonuses there either. I can ‘earn’ a bonus as part of my salary arrangement based on corporate performance, division performance and personal performance. We will see if we get that about 3 months after our fiscal year end.


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