Invest in yourself

When you’re younger shell out money for your education, it’ll pay off later



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There’s one place you shouldn’t hesitate to spend freely on, your education. Tuition looks insanely expensive now, but it’s an investment that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

If there are skills you need to learn to gain a better position, do it, even if it means going into debt. Those costs will cover themselves later down the road when you have a higher pay.

3 comments on “Invest in yourself

  1. I think that people need start to study more how to invest money by themselfs.
    How muth they know, more they can win.


  2. Is this two-paragraph non-article really what reporting has come to?


  3. Sure Education is an investment in yourself. But, just like investing not all education leads to a better career. Before paying for more school have a good look at what your job prospects are for your chosen career and also estimate how much debt you will will have when you finish school. Going into Political Science does not guarantee you a job as the PM of Canada. Studying Astronomy does not guarantee you a job as an astronaut. But, with a Political Science or Astronomy Degree you will surely find a career at Tim Horton's :)


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