Best mutual funds for your RRSP

Pick the portfolio that best matches your tolerance for risk

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From the February/March 2015 issue of the magazine.

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Below are four pre-packaged portfolios of Honour Roll mutual funds. Just pick the one that best matches your tolerance for risk, and you’re ready to go.
best mutual funds RRSP

2 comments on “Best mutual funds for your RRSP

  1. Hi Suzane. I am a bit new to mutual funds. I have invested only in the RBC Select growth mutual fund. for aggressive growth, how do I invest in fidelity canadian large cap, ph& n small float etc. Is there a company I can invest in that has this portfolio?


  2. This is a worthless crock of baloney. Choosing dogs like the RBC Equity Income Fund which has tanked worse than the TSX in the last three months, and has a 4% capital gain redistribution at year end (inflating the so-called return). We got burned on the XEI ETF version of this fund, based on MoneySense recommendation in mid-2014, when both the bank stocks and the energy stocks took a big hit. Now you get taxed on return of your own money, being counted as if it’s an actual return.

    On top of this, the so-called Growth profile, involving this and three other funds, exactly mirrors the content of Mawer Balanced A, a global neutral fund with top quartile rankings for every year, going back twenty years. Its 5-year number is 12.64% vs. the 10.9% of the DSC loaded, high MER, four fund composite.

    Hmm, one fund, no load, low-MER, what’s to like?

    Lazy and sloppy reporting under the guise of a comprehensive selection of the best. All-star funds, I don’t think so.


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