Is your fund manager beating the index?

(Hint: Probably not)

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From the December/January 2014 issue of the magazine.

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Many Canadians invest in actively managed mutual funds with the hope that the fund managers responsible for their money will outperform market benchmarks. But few actually do, even though funds that pursue an active strategy typically have higher management expense ratios than funds engineered to match the index. In fact, between 2008 and 2012, only 9.84% of Canadian equity fund managers beat the S&P/TSX Composite Index.


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  1. I always find December is a good time to look back and benchmark the performance of my active funds against the indices. It is also a good time to sit down with your financial adviser so that he can show you just how well the funds have done – make them do the work as they are likely the ones advising you on the purchase. Try modeling your finance at – it gives you a 360 on your finances in minutes and helps you figure out where to focus your wealth creation strategy.


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