Best furnace to lower your heating bill

Electric, oil, propane or natural gas?

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From the September/October 2016 issue of the magazine.

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There’s heating bills! How big they grow may depend on the type of furnace you own. Let’s compare:

How much it costs


Home Economics Sept 2016 - best furnace

Need to know

The average lifespan (in years) of a modern gas furnace is: 15 to 20 years.

People assume furnaces will last 25 years or more but that’s no longer the case, says registered home inspector Rob Parker. “Older furnaces are less complicated and could last up to 30 years, but can cost twice as much to heat your home,” says Parker.

Overall Efficiency

Home Economics Sept 2016 - best furnace

The AFUE measure

The Annual Fuel UtilizationEfficiency rating tells you how much heat a furnace produces compared to the energy it uses to produce it.If an older furnace operates at 50% AFUE, 50 cents of every dollar spent is, well, going up in smoke.

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