Superfood swaps to save you money

Less expensive alternatives to your favourite superfoods



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From rare goji berries to ancient quinoa grain, health food from far-flung corners of the globe has gone mainstream. And while fiber, protein, omega and antioxidant-rich foods are delicious and nutritious, filling up on them at the grocery store can cost a small fortune. “They’re called superfoods for a reason but there are less expensive alternatives,” says Courtenay Lagacy, a registered health nutritionist with Sobeys. For instance, a plate of brown rice and black beans forms a “complete protein” and packs the same amino acid punch as quinoa. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and contains the same “curcumin” antioxidant as its more expensive cousin, saffron. Making pesto? Swap out pine nuts for walnuts, says Lagacy. “All nuts are superfoods and you can hardly taste the difference.” Here are cost savings you can expect by making quick substitutes.

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  1. These numbers are way off. Expect to pay about $3 for 1 gram of saffron, the most expensive spice in the world. Also, you can do much better than those prices for walnuts and turmeric


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