Where does your money go?

Compare your spending habits with the rest of Canada



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The average Canadian household spent $53,016 in 2010. Shelter accounts for roughly 30% of this total, transportation takes up another 21%, and food eats up 14%—of which more than a quarter is spent on restaurants. Imagine how much you could save by eating in more frequently. How does your spending compare?

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  1. We are a family of 5, nearly grown teenagers. We spend minimum of $1200 a month on groceries. we almost never eat at restaurants, we purchase bread from the discount (day old) store (10 for $12.99), and meats are bought at 25% or more off at our local grocery store on monday mornings. No "organic" foods and I garden in the summer to freeze the excess. i cook all our meals, we bag our lunches and do not have a coffee habit. I can't see how these demographics on all the web-sites I see have food listed at a mere $7000+. We can't make it for a month without paying more… much more! I think food is underestimated in most of these articles.


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