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Home & Décor

Kindle killers

Canadians longing for Amazon’s Kindle Fire can get stoked...

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Magazine Archive

Trek tech

Getting out of town? That doesn’t mean you have...

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Home & Décor

Smokin’ deals

Don’t want to burn $3,000 on a barbecue? We...

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June 2012

Thin wins

Computers that meet Intel’s Ultrabook specification share a number...

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April/May 2012

Arresting Androids

Searching for the best Android smartphone on the market?...

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February/March 2012

Rock around the dock

Still playing CDs on an old bookshelf system? Time...

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February/March 2012

Best single-serve coffee brewers

Looking for the best value in single-serve coffee makers?...

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December/January 2012

The e-tablet option

If a tablet is too expensive, maybe you'd prefer...

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December/January 2012

Tech: Meet the tablet challengers

RIM, Samsung and Sony all want to take a...

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