Rogers Youth Education Day: The road to success

The road to success

If he could, Editor Jonathan Chevreau would pursue a B.Sc all over again.



About Rogers Youth Education Day

Celebrate Rogers Youth Education Day on Wednesday, September 25 and show youth that education is important. Tweet with the #BrighterFuture hashtag on Twitter to help or share this on Facebook. For every tweet with the hashtag, and Facebook share, we’ll donate $1 toward the purchase of a mobile tech unit (to a maximum of $250,000) to be given to partners for youth education purposes.

The goal of RYED is to get each one of our 52 partners across the country a mobile tech unit. A mobile tech unit will provide mobile internet technology to Rogers Youth Fund participants who wouldn’t otherwise have internet access outside of school, giving them the ability to access information and get help with school work outside of the classroom.  Each unit contains 5 tablets, a Rogers Rocket Mobile Hotspot and LTE connectivity provided by Rogers.

Join the conversation, and help give our youth a #BrighterFuture.