MoneySense magazine: June 2015

MoneySense magazine: June 2015

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June 2015

Volume 17, Number 3

MoneySense magazine, June 2015

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Below is just some of what you’ll find inside this latest issue.

Where to invest $1,000 now

Canada’s best discount brokerages

Find the perfect advisor

Editor’s Letter
Some grifters are hard to spot
By: Duncan Hood

Why teachers are the best investors, 5 things your headhunter isn’t telling you, how to divide a condo & more

Ask MoneySense
The ins-and-outs of TFSA withdrawals, and how an unused line of credit affects your credit rating
By: Bruce Sellery

Am I On Track
By: Julie Cazzin

Instant Expert
How to get a great deal on a used car

Portfolio Makeover
The two-fund nest egg solution
By: Julie Cazzin

Index Investor
Can ‘home country bias’ be justified? Turns out
in some cases, it can
By: Dan Bortolotti

Financial Independence
How to profit from the new budget right away
By: Jonathan Chevreau

Jacks On Tax
Claim your investment expenses and save big
By: Evelyn Jacks

Family Profile
Joel Wilson had a prosperous career, until disaster struck. Can he start over at age 31?
By: Julie Cazzin

Our complete guide to finding the financial advisor of your dreams
By: David Aston

Smart Spender
Spacious backyard decks, travel deals for all seasons, roadworthy muscle cars, and more

How I Did It
How Blake Hoo bought his first house at age 19