Are you owed a slice of the $5B unclaimed assets pie?

Are you owed a slice of the $5B unclaimed assets pie?

Why you likely won’t be able to get your hands on it


Canadians are leaving as much as $5 billion worth of unclaimed assets on the table and without proper processes in place in Ontario, that money is likely sit for some time more.

“I call it Canada’s under-the-radar economic action plan in waiting, and it wouldn’t cost as much as building infrastructure,” Brenda Potter Phelan, president and CEO of LegacyTracker, a web-based personal finance tracking tool, recently told CBC News.

Only British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec have legislation and databases in place to help individuals search for their unclaimed credit union account balances, trust funds and unpaid wages. Efforts to bring similar procedures to Ontario have faced resistance from the financial sector, according to the broadcaster.

Unclaimed assets sitting in accounts with Canada’s big banks fall under federal jurisdiction. You can sift through those via the Bank of Canada’s  searchable database online.