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Where to buy real estate in Ottawa 2018

Top neighbourhoods in Ottawa are far from city centre

ottawa real estate rankings

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Compared to Toronto’s wild year of price swings, Ottawa’s real estate market was an oasis of calm in 2017.

That tends to be the case in Ottawa, where prices appreciate at a slower but steadier pace compared to houses in Toronto, just a few hours away. Ottawa-based RE/MAX realtor Laura Seanor said there’s a simple reason for that stability: “We have a very big employer.”

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Being a government town helps insulate Ottawa from the peaks and valleys experienced by real estate markets in some of Canada’s other major urban centres. But that doesn’t make it completely immune from the forces currently buffeting the industry. The city experienced a surge in sales activity near the end of the year, right before buyers had to start complying with stricter mortgage stress test rules.

Our top neighbourhood picks for Ottawa overall are all far from the city centre, with Seanor noticing her clients are becoming more willing to trade gruelling commutes for the space and peace of the countryside. If an hour and a half-long drive to work isn’t for you, we’ve also got some suggestions for places to buy closer to the core.

Top 25 neighbourhoods

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Rank Neighbourhood Area Average home price (2017) Value Momentum Realtor Grade Average price vs. area Avg. price vs. metro district Avg. price vs. outer region 1-year price change 3-year price change 5-year price change
1North Glengarry, Lochiel TownshipAlexandria$267,25065.7975.32★★★★★94.70%N/A64.59%30.37%-1.02%46.24%
2Lanark Highlands, Lanark TownshipAlmonte, Lanark Highlands Township & Area$267,43775.9769.90★★★★½80.99%N/A64.64%0.25%22.77%28.24%
3FringewoodStittsville, Munster, Richmond, Goulbourn Township$303,07578.7788.97★★★69.70%N/A73.25%24.27%24.88%39.49%
4FinchWinchester, Cornwall, Morrisburg & Area$214,33381.6788.72★★★82.36%N/A51.80%13.30%52.37%46.91%
5ChestervilleWinchester, Cornwall, Morrisburg & Area$219,95579.5276.50★★★½84.52%N/A53.16%6.63%36.44%25.08%
6AlmonteAlmonte, Lanark Highlands Township & Area$322,88856.2958.45★★★★★97.78%N/A78.04%13.07%5.16%13.41%
7KemptvilleKemptville, Merrickville, Brockville & Area$296,36164.8249.67★★★★★91.44%N/A71.63%6.91%5.72%9.63%
8BrockvilleKemptville, Merrickville, Brockville & Area$254,61880.1660.72★★★★78.56%N/A61.54%23.34%-0.43%16.61%
9Vankleek HillRockland, Russell, East Quebec Border$235,83380.1871.99★★★½81.99%N/A57.00%-0.69%16.46%47.40%
10Merrickville, Wolford TownshipKemptville, Merrickville, Brockville & Area$335,47150.3484.98★★★★103.51%N/A81.08%9.68%28.81%46.20%
11PrescottKemptville, Merrickville, Brockville & Area$197,32993.8268.11★★★60.88%N/A47.69%7.54%4.65%30.99%
13North Stormont (Roxborough) TownshipWinchester, Cornwall, Morrisburg & Area$263,83361.6197.56★★★101.38%N/A63.77%37.02%71.78%100.63%
14North Glengarry, Kenyon TownshipAlexandria$254,60071.9931.48★★★★★90.21%N/A61.54%-21.08%40.90%-12.91%
15Elizabethtown-Kitley (Old Kitley) TownshipRideau Lakes Township, Westport & Area$221,32484.9745.01★★★★77.59%N/A53.49%7.82%-7.12%11.35%
17South Dundas, Williamburg Township, MorewoodWinchester, Cornwall, Morrisburg & Area$252,92566.9687.71★★★97.19%N/A61.13%27.86%18.80%37.69%
18MerrickvilleKemptville, Merrickville, Brockville & Area$297,51564.1261.77★★★★91.79%N/A71.91%12.93%4.13%17.54%
19Constance BayCarp, Dunrobin, Huntley, Fitzroy & Area$368,21865.3470.65★★★½77.01%N/A89.00%0.29%28.39%27.50%
20Elmvale AcresElmvale Acres & Area$366,34563.0275.57★★★½80.54%N/A88.55%18.49%14.65%21.03%
21Champlain TownshipRockland, Russell, East Quebec Border$284,50860.7675.30★★★½98.91%N/A68.77%0.10%17.57%83.55%
22The Nation Municipality, St-Isidore, St-AlbertRockland, Russell, East Quebec Border$269,24165.9676.43★★★93.61%N/A65.08%11.34%13.12%26.47%
23North Grenville Township, Kemptville EastKemptville, Merrickville, Brockville & Area$414,31128.8776.29★★★★½127.83%N/A100.14%12.53%16.77%23.62%
24WestportRideau Lakes Township, Westport & Area$305,06453.1365.33★★★★106.94%N/A73.73%1.86%10.90%25.93%
25Lanark Highlands, Dalhousie TownshipAlmonte, Lanark Highlands Township & Area$241,20085.2432.60★★★★73.05%N/A58.30%5.82%-20.90%5.26%
Measures how affordable the neighbourhood is compared to the surrounding area and the region overall
Measures how quickly prices are appreciating in this neighbourhood, with an emphasis on long term appreciation
Realtor Grade
How realtors we surveyed rate this neighbourhood

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We ranked the best neighbourhoods in three regions — core, inner suburbs and outer. The core is the city’s urban centre, with accessible transit and easy access to amenities. The inner suburbs are for people who don’t mind trading a longer commute for better parking and a bigger lot size. And the outer region is for buyers who either don’t need to commute downtown at all, or are willing to log some serious travel time in exchange for affordable prices and wide open spaces. Check out the map below to see how the regions break down.

Regions map

Core Inner Suburbs Outer Suburbs

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