Ottawa real estate: Where to buy in the city's inner suburbs 2018

Top neighbourhoods in Ottawa’s inner suburbs 2018

In Ottawa, if you can’t afford a home in Alta Vista, try Elmvale Acres


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1. Woodroffe

Just west of Westboro, Woodroffe offers similar access to amenities and the river at a more affordable price point. Ottawa-based RE/MAX realtor Wayne Clermont called it “a very good place to put money.”

2. Elmvale Acres

RE/MAX realtor Laura Seanor said this south Ottawa neighbourhood is a good option for buyers priced out of nearby Alta Vista. Young families like the tree-lined streets and proximity to major employers like the Ottawa Hospital.

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3. South Keys

This may not be Ottawa’s most physically attractive neighbourhood, with a mix of high rises, townhouses and single-family homes. But it has two important things going for it: Affordability and easy transit access to downtown.

Realtor pick: Alta Vista

This neighbourhood features houses with character and larger lot sizes that are “a little more stately,” Clermont said. It features a strong sense of community, many schools and lots of greenspace. “It sells very, very well.”

Top 25 neighbourhoods

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Rank Neighbourhood Area Average home price (2017) Value Momentum Realtor Grade Average price vs. area Avg. price vs. metro district Avg. price vs. outer region 1-year price change 3-year price change 5-year price change
2Elmvale AcresElmvale Acres & Area$366,34564.5885.23★★★½80.54%N/A85.59%18.49%14.65%21.03%
3South KeysHunt Club, South Keys & Area$271,47791.9068.32★★½59.68%N/A63.42%19.38%11.80%7.38%
4Billings BridgeBillings Bridge, Riverside Park & Area$375,42358.2787.99★★★82.53%N/A87.71%8.48%37.84%32.47%
5Copeland ParkBelair Park, Copeland Park & Area$277,31290.1050.15★★★60.96%N/A64.79%16.72%3.54%2.02%
6Convent Glen NorthOrleans, Convent Glen & Area$346,28974.4872.49★★★76.13%N/A80.90%13.70%7.04%15.82%
7Hunt Club WoodsHunt Club, Windsor Park Village & Area$333,45977.7957.89★★★73.31%N/A77.90%9.44%1.72%10.75%
9Parkway ParkParkway Park, Queensway Terrace South & Area$392,89351.6690.15★★★86.37%N/A91.79%20.44%26.10%22.15%
10Barrhaven On The GreenBarrhaven$324,33167.2467.57★★★85.01%N/A75.77%3.36%15.38%13.48%
11Riverside Park, Mooneys BayBillings Bridge, Riverside Park & Area$322,92280.4945.56★★★½70.99%N/A75.44%-1.30%-1.32%12.21%
12Guildwood Estates, Urbandale AcresAlta Vista & Area$449,00236.0583.89★★★½98.71%N/A104.90%13.68%19.40%19.92%
13Parkway ParkParkway Park, Queensway Terrace South & Area$392,70652.2681.86★★★86.33%N/A91.74%13.42%22.20%16.09%
14Beacon Hill SouthBeacon Hill, North & South Area$237,99792.1843.58★★★65.65%N/A55.60%29.12%9.63%-57.16%
15Fallingbrook, Garden WayOrleans, Cumberland & Area$351,85571.4864.42★★★77.35%N/A82.20%-0.39%3.46%41.09%
16Glencairn, HazeldeanKanata$309,43973.2560.76★★★81.11%N/A72.29%10.19%6.66%8.90%
17Blackburn Hamlet SouthBlackburn Hamlet$235,70293.9839.02★★★65.02%N/A55.07%6.46%3.65%-1.97%
18Sheffield Glen, Industrial ParkElmvale Acres & Area$232,55098.8040.74★★★51.12%N/A54.33%5.38%5.24%-1.66%
19Hunt Club Park, GreenboroHunt Club, South Keys & Area$337,83276.2864.01★★½74.27%N/A78.93%4.96%7.73%13.08%
20Carleton SquareMooneys Bay, Carleton Heights & Area$237,88597.6023.84★★★½52.30%N/A55.58%-3.35%-0.13%-4.53%
21Eastway Gardens, Industrial ParkAlta Vista & Area$355,12769.0853.45★★★78.07%N/A82.97%9.58%-8.47%11.50%
22Orleans WoodOrleans, Convent Glen & Area$259,94294.0036.28★★★57.15%N/A60.73%1.32%14.56%-25.89%
23Hiawatha Park, Convent GlenOrleans, Convent Glen & Area$342,80475.0851.51★★★75.36%N/A80.09%1.93%10.91%4.81%
24Bilberry Creek, Queenswood HeightsOrleans, Cumberland & Area$339,27975.6859.05★★½74.59%N/A79.26%5.12%6.91%10.62%
25Riverside ParkBillings Bridge, Riverside Park & Area$436,37539.0580.13★★★95.93%N/A101.95%15.46%20.32%14.42%
Measures how affordable the neighbourhood is compared to the surrounding area and the region overall
Measures how quickly prices are appreciating in this neighbourhood, with an emphasis on long term appreciation
Realtor Grade
How realtors we surveyed rate this neighbourhood

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These are our picks for the best neighbourhoods to buy real estate in Ottawa’s inner suburbs, but if you’d rather live closer to downtown or even farther into the countryside, we have more suggestions. We ranked the best neighbourhoods in three regions — core, inner suburbs and outer. The core is the city’s urban centre, with accessible transit and easy access to amenities. The inner suburbs are for people who don’t mind trading a longer commute for better parking and a bigger lot size. And the outer region is for buyers who either don’t need to commute downtown at all, or are willing to log some serious travel time in exchange for affordable prices and wide open spaces. Check out the map below to see how the regions break down.

Regions map

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