Mutual fund fashion

While ETFs have been stealing the investment spotlight of late, mutual funds remain central to Canadians’ retirement savings.



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  • New research from BMO suggests 72% of RRSP holders have some of their money invested in mutual funds. Overall, mutual funds account for 31% of total RRSP holdings in the country. Other investments popular investments include GICs (21%), cash (20%), stocks (11%), bonds (9%) and ETFs (4%). Check out our very own Canadian Couch Potato’s defence of mutual funds.

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  1. That bond thing is a good bit of sensationalist timing. A look at the numbers in January 2012 would have made bonds look like platinum. With some returns at 16% for a single year. The graph doesn't account for the return someone would have if they dollar-cost-averaged into bonds for the past 10 years. …Those results are pretty darn nice overall.


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